Mastering All Releases: The Long Release (Part 3)

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  • 14 Feb, 2024
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Mastering All Releases: The Long Release (Part 3)

The long release is described by the rider’s balance being on the neck with the rider’s knuckles pressed into the side or near the top of the crest (but not above the crest).

This release is at your disposal to use as you see fit. We see it a lot today in the hunter division, and sometimes in the jumper division. It is a useful release on a green horse reluctant to use its neck in the air, a jumper sensitive in the mouth, or any time you feel the horse needs maximum freedom or you are getting left behind.

Photos in this post are examples of the long release. We’ll dive into the medium release in the next segment.

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A photo of Terry Rudd

A photo of Terry Rudd. Here we see a typical release seen today in the hunter division where the release is nicely alongside the crest of the neck.

Photo of Charlie Weaver

Charlie Weaver shows a subtle release a bit lower alongside the crest.

Rodney Jenkins on Idle Dice

A typical moment as Rodney Jenkins gives Idle Dice maximum freedom to use his head and neck over the jump.

Caitlin shows a classic long release

My wife, Caitlin, shows a classic long release alongside the crest on her beloved “Frenchy.”

Natasha long release

My daughter Natasha shows a well-demonstrated long crest release alongside the crest in the Million Dollar Grand Prix, riding Choose Me 4.

Rodney Jenkins long crest release

Once again, Rodney Jenkins shows us the long crest release on the legendary Idle Dice.

Young rider

A wonderful picture of a young rider secure enough in her position to keep her hands lower alongside the crest while maintaining her balance. I would imagine it would be very easy for her to transition to the following hand/automatic release in a short time with her very strong base of support.

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