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Steve and Jenni Martin McAllisterJumpers • Equitation • Hunters





Jenni Martin McAllister, Rider and Trainer

Jenni has a tremendous talent for preparing horses to excel at the Grand Prix level.  She has trained and competed on numerous horses that under her guidance perform at the top of their game. Many of these horses have moved on to successful careers with other professional and amateur riders.

At the age of three, Jenni’s first instructor was her older sister Cecily. This student-teacher relationship lasted into her teens – Cecily trained young horses, including Toy Soldier and Apple Annie, for Jenni to ride. As a junior, Jenni did dressage work with Franz Rohvansky. She competed successfully in Three-Day-Eventing up to the preliminary level, taking clinics with Bruce Davidson.

As a junior rider in Southern California, she placed 2nd in the Pacific Coast Hunter Jumper Association Junior Jumper Finals. She was selected by USET for jumping clinics given by Olympic Gold Medalist, Joe Fargis, and rode in a number of clinics given by the eminent hunter-jumper trainer, George Morris.

At sixteen, as a member of the Gold Medal West Coast Team, Jenni and her horse Apple Annie, helped her team to win the CSIOJ Junior Nations Cup. She also took the Individual Bronze Medal. The following year, she and Apple Annie competed for the AHSA Zone Ten region team at the North American Continental Young Riders competition, pulling out the Silver Medal for the USA by jumping the only double-clean rounds of the day.

In 1993 Jenni met Steve McAllister, who owned and ran Highborn Horse Park in Southbury, Connecticut. Soon they became partners in the sales, training and showing end of the business. This successful coaching, business & personal partnership continues to this day. In 2003 they moved to Southern California, where they developed the Martin McAllister Training Program as well as continue to acquire and train top horses to compete nationally as well as internationally.

Winner :

  • 100,000 Grand Prix of Del Mar
  • Farmington Grand Prix (2x)
  • Rio Vista Grand Prix
  • Sandia Classic Grand Prix (2x)
  • Coldwell Banker Grand Prix
  • Regency Horse Park Grand Prix (3x)
Saratoga Cup
  • PNE Grand Prix (2x)
  • Max Bohnam Sportsmanship Award


Steve McAllister, Trainer

Well-known as a coach, horseman and farrier, Steve McAllister’s experience is solid from the ground up. Horses have been a part of his life since working on his parents’ quarter horse farm in Connecticut. Working as a farrier on a number of show jumpers, he grew more and more fascinated with the discipline. As a result Steve builta successful east coast sales barn, Highborn Horse Park. In 1993 when Jenni Martin relocated to his facility, he immediately recognized her natural talent, skill and drive. They quickly developed a mutually beneficial working relationship and the highly successful association between the two has never faded.

Moving to Los Angeles in the fall of 2002, Steve and Jenni are continuing their quest to bring horses to their fullest potential in the show-jumping arena. After determining how to best utilize their combined skills and expertise, they decided to take a select group of horses and riders into their custom-fit program concept, Martin McAllister Training. With Steve’s extensive farrier knowledge and excellent coaching technique, the program integrates all the proper angles – from horse’s hooves to hunt-seat.

Based on the German Training System, the method promotes rhythm, looseness, and connection along with acceptance of the bit, impulsion, straightness, and collection. Because each horse is unique, Steve and Jenni developed different exercises to suit the various horse and rider’s goals. They found that by doing various exercises muscle development increases, which leads to a happy horse.

The idea for creating such a diverse program grew out of Jenni and Steve’s experiences developing Jenni’s international career. The answers they found while surmounting the many stumbling blocks in an American’s international path now save their clients headaches, money and time.

Steve is also available for clinics and freelance coaching at specific horse shows. For more information, you can e-mail him at

Team McAllister’s Video Topics:

10 week

A Basic Pole Exercise

Join training duo, Jenni Martin McAllister & Steve McAllister, as they share some of their favorite exercises for green and seasoned horses alike. Practice these exercises at home and you’ll have a more rideable horse in the show ring.

Running Time: 7 mintues and 17 seconds