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A Basic Pole Exercise
Team McAllister

A Basic Pole Exercise
Team McAllisterJoin training duo, Jenni Martin McAllister & Steve McAllister, as they share some of their favorite exercises for green and seasoned horses alike. Practice these exercises at home and you’ll have a more rideable horse in the show ring.

Running Time: 7 mintues and 17 seconds


A pre-school lunge session with Bill Cooney
Bill CooneyProvided it is done properly, the benefits of adding lunge line work to your horse’s program are enormous. Join Bill Cooney as he exercises a young horse on a lunge line prior to mounted work. Bill’s approach enhances horse/rider communication and the horse’s flexibility while emphasizing horsemanship and safety.

Running Time: 12 mintues and 46 seconds

A Gymnastic For All Jumping Disciplines
Team GlynnJoin Hope and Ned Glynn as they share one of their favorite gymnastics, one that enhances the performance of hunters, jumpers as well as equitation horses. This unique grid is designed to encourage a horse to jump squarely and perform changes of track with balance, suppleness and fluidity.

Running Time: 13 minutes and 58 seconds

A Schooling Session
Eric NavetOlympic, World Championship and European Championship veteran, Eric Navet of France, reveals his teaching and training methods in an in depth schooling session with Grand Prix rider, Ali Nilforushan. His system emphasizes the importance of flatwork while schooling over a complete course.

Running Time: 21 minutes and 35 seconds

A Schooling Session
Peter WyldeOlympian Peter Wylde works with a young jumper on the flat, through gymnastics and over a course in preparation for an upcoming class at WEF.

Running Time: 15 mintues and 46 seconds


A Schooling Session
Alexander ZettermanGrand Prix phenom and youngest member of the Swedish Show Jumping Team, Alexander Zetterman, invites us to watch his training techniques while schooling a young Dutch jumper before heading to the show at WEF.

Running Time: 15 minutes and 47 seconds

A Triple Combination School
Bernie TraurigBernie, with help from Mandy Porter, shows how he uses a combination to instill confidence in the horse while improving the horseʼs quality of jump.

Running Time: 14 minutes and 4 seconds

Angles & Narrows
Gina MilesAngles & narrows are prominent obstacles found on the cross country course. In this segment, Gina shows us how to introduce the young or inexperienced horse to these types of jumps in the show jumping arena using confidence building exercises over smaller fences.

Running Time: 12 minutes and 5 seconds

Building Confidence in Combinations
Bernie TraurigStep by step Bernie takes us through a gymnastic that is designed to build the horse’s confidence when negotiating combinations. The horse featured in the video has a history of stopping in combinations, but with Bernie’s help, she overcomes her anxiety.

If you like this video check out The Winkler Gymnastic another video that features the benefits of a gymnastic line.

Running Time: 10 minutes and 57 seconds

Backing Issues
Bernie TraurigDoes your horse freeze when you ask him to back up? Perhaps he raises his head to evade the command and backs awkwardly with his head too high? Does your horse back crookedly or tense up in anticipation of a back or is he simply confused by what you are asking of him? If any of these issues sound familiar, Bernie created this topic just for you. Solving backing problems brings you one step closer to improving all your downward transitions, not to mention, your horse’s mouth.

Running Time: 16 minutes and 23 seconds

Banks & Drops
Gina MilesIn this video, Gina describes her system of introducing horses to banks & drops. As with all new concepts, the key to building the horseʼs confidence in the face of a new challenge, is to go slowly. The riderʼs drop position is highlighted, focusing on appropriate balance, leg position and contact with the horseʼs mouth for safety and stability in the tack.

Running Time: 13 minutes and 27 seconds

Circle Exercise
Gina MilesThis is one of Ginaʼs favorite exercises because it is appropriate for all levels of horses and it focuses on the skills necessary for all three phases of Eventing, as well as, all jumping disciplines. It works on the horseʼs responsiveness to the rein and leg aids, the horseʼs adjustability of stride, and additionally, it helps to develop the riderʼs eye.

Running Time:  14 minutes and 54 seconds

Jose AlejosThe job – give a young colt his first experience under saddle that instills him with confidence, alleviates his anxiety while fostering in him faith and trust in his rider.

Job requirements – intuition, patience, consistency and a calm, self-possessed air, not to mention the ability to stick to the saddle!

The man for the job – Jose Alejos.

Running Time: 42 minutes 36 seconds

Controls of the Horse Part One – Rein Aids
Bernie TraurigBernie Traurig demystifies, clarifies and modernizes rein aids and their direct application in the show ring in this video, the first of a two part series. Youʼll learn the proper technique of each rein aid as well as the appropriate circumstances to apply them. By mastering rein aids and using them in conjunction with leg aids, youʼll have a powerful tool at your disposal, resulting in a superior performance. Teaching the rein aids to the horse can be found in the Basic & Intermediate levels of Fundamentals of Flatwork.

View part 2 of this series: Controls Of The Horse Part Two – Leg Aids

Running Time: 20 minutes and 18 seconds

Controls Of The Horse Part Two – Leg Aids
Bernie TraurigBernie illustrates, for all the basic jumping disciplines, the significance of the correct position & timing of leg aids as a powerful blend with the rein aids. Teaching independent and prompt responsiveness to leg aids will result in clear, effective communication with your horse when used in conjunction with the rein aids for ultimate control in the ring.

View part 1 of the series: Controls of the Horse Part One – Rein Aids

Running Time: 35 minutes and 43 seconds

Daily Pole Exercises
Armando HasseyArmando Hassey shares three of his favorite pole exercises he uses every day to help develop the horse’s rhythm and adjustability while honing the rider’s eye.

If you liked this video and want to learn more about adjusting your horses stride over jumps check out Julie Winkel’s Shortening and Lengthening Exercises over Jumps.

Running Time: 15 minutes and 3 seconds

Ditches & Water
Gina MilesOlympic medalist, Gina Miles thoughtfully guides you and your inexperienced horse through the careful introduction to ditches and water jumps. Ginaʼs process will instill confidence in you and, most importantly, your horse!

Running Time: 14 minutes and 42 seconds

Dressage for Jumpers
George MorrisA schooling session over fences with George Morris in the tack as he demonstrates his favorite dressage exercises as they apply to the jumping sport.

Running Time: 38 minutes

Flatwork Over Fences
Bernie TraurigTake a ride with Bernie as he schools “Archie Bunker” and talks you through how he incorporates his flat techniques over small fences. This is an excerpt from the Advanced section of Fundamentals of Flatwork, chapter 14.

Running Time: 6 minutes and 45 seconds

Flying Changes
Val RenihanIn this topic Val Renihan breaks down the flying change in order to defuse the horse’s nervous anticipation of the flying change. Her exercises produce the relaxed, supple changes needed for winning equitation and hunter rounds.

Running Time: 15 minutes and 13 seconds