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Could the OTTB Be the Right Horse for You?
Denny Emerson

Could the OTTB Be the Right Horse for You?
Denny EmersonDenny Emerson takes a look at a sampling of “off the track Thoroughbreds,” or OTTBs, that have found second careers as sport horses and have proven to be wonderful partners for their new owners. Given that there are great deal of these former race horses to be found and available at great prices, Denny examines the pros and cons when considering an off the track thoroughbred purchase.

Running Time: 10 minutes and 35 seconds

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Counter Canter Over Fences
Stacia MaddenThe counter canter is a common, but challenging test asked of competitors in most equitation and medal classes. As an added benefit, the counter canter is a wonderful exercise for balance and timing. Join Stacia Madden and two of her top students during a counter canter training session over fences that results in the polished performance of both the horse and rider.

Running Time: 21 minutes and 4 seconds

Cynthia Hankins’ Favorite Flat Exercises
Cynthia Hankins

Cynthia Hankins, top trainer, clinician and ”R” judge, gives us her personal favorite flat exercises designed to maximize the horse’s rideability and responsiveness while demonstrating the proper execution and form of the American Hunter/Jumper Forward Riding System.

Running Time: 16 mintues and 51 seconds

Daily Pole Exercises
Armando HasseyArmando Hassey shares three of his favorite pole exercises he uses every day to help develop the horse’s rhythm and adjustability while honing the rider’s eye.

If you liked this video and want to learn more about adjusting your horses stride over jumps check out Julie Winkel’s Shortening and Lengthening Exercises over Jumps.

Running Time: 15 minutes and 3 seconds

Denny Emerson Interview
Denny EmersonGet to know US Eventing Association Hall of Fame inductee, Denny Emerson, from his introduction to the sport to his biggest influences. In this interview Denny gives us a synopsis of his amazing career that has spanned over half a century. You will see why he was named “One of the 50 most influential horsemen of the Twentieth Century…” by The Chronicle of the Horse in 2000.


Developing Feeling In Your Arms And Hands
Val RenihanIn this topic Val Renihan shows us the exercises she uses with her students to encourage arms & hands that are flexible, shock-absorbers that follow the horse’s mouth during connection, maintain proper position and are sensitive – in a word, “Feeling.”

Running Time: 9 minutes and 26 seconds

Developing Good Hands
Bernie TraurigIn this topic Bernie discusses the vital role good hands play in the communication between rider and horse. Tactful, sensitive hands that are used with feeling can be developed using the exercises Bernie presents here.

Running Time: 11 minutes and 10 seconds

Distance Selection Process
Will SimpsonWill Simpson unveils the system he uses every time he jumps a fence to create the distance he wants.

If you liked this video and want to learn more about how to find a distance check out Bernie Traurig’s three part topic Exercises to Develop a Better Eye.

Running Time: 11 minutes and 11 seconds

Ditches & Water
Gina MilesOlympic medalist, Gina Miles thoughtfully guides you and your inexperienced horse through the careful introduction to ditches and water jumps. Ginaʼs process will instill confidence in you and, most importantly, your horse!

Running Time: 14 minutes and 42 seconds

Dressage for Jumpers
George MorrisA schooling session over fences with George Morris in the tack as he demonstrates his favorite dressage exercises as they apply to the jumping sport.

Running Time: 38 minutes

Eventing – Mastering Your Cross Country Pace
Olivia LoiaconoIn this video, international Eventer, Olivia Loiacono of OKL Eventing, shows you how to practice and master a good solid pace for the Beginner Novice, Novice, Training and Preliminary levels of the cross country course. There is a lot to think about when riding cross country; including keeping a proper galloping position to achieve a rhythmical, consistent and balanced pace. For any eventer, keeping the right pace for your level should become second nature, but it takes practice! Olivia shares some training exercises you can set up at home to establish and learn the correct pace for galloping at your level of competition. She also discusses how the reins (bridge and pulley rein) effect the horses balance – specifically the benefits of using a bridge as a tool for inexperienced riders to get better balance over their feet. Knowing different styles of holding your reins and hands is of the utmost importance when riding the eventing cross country course.

Tools you will need for this exercise include flags (or markers), meter wheel, stopwatch and your horse.

The United States Equestrian Federation’s Rule Book and Omnibus listing is the official source for finding out what pace you will need to ride at for your specific level for each event.

Running Time: 7 minutes and 21 seconds

Exercises to Develop a Better Eye: Part 1-A
Bernie TraurigBernie demonstrates exercises you can incorporate into your flatwork everyday that will work your eye without overworking your horse!

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Exercises to Develop a Better Eye: Part 1-B
Advanced Exercises to Develop a Better Eye Part 2

Running Time: 19 minutes and 1 second

Exercises to Develop a Better Eye: Part 1-B
Bernie TraurigBernie demonstrates exercises you can incorporate into your flatwork everyday that will work your eye without overworking your horse!

View the first part of this series: Exercises to Develop a Better Eye: Part 1-A
View the next part of this series: Advanced Exercises to Develop a Better Eye Part 2

Running Time: 18 minutes and 13 seconds


Exercises to Help Lower Back Pain
Robin MartinezWe all know that riding is physically challenging and can be particularly demanding on the lower back. Join fitness expert and rider, Robin Martinez, as she demonstrates simple exercises and stretches that will alleviate lower back pain.

Also make sure to check out Robin’s introduction to her fitness series, The Essential Elements of Fitness, by clicking here.

Running Time: 8 minutes and 2 seconds

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. The presenters in this video are not medical professionals and this video is not intended to override or supersede information or courses of treatment from your medical doctor. The information presented on this video site is not intended to take the place of your personal physician’s advice and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical emergency, seek help from your physician or from a medical specialist. 

Exercises to Improve a Beginner’s Riding Position
Susan DealPart 3 of Susan Deal’sForward Riding Series – Exercises for a Rider’s First Year”

This is the 3rd installment of Susan Deal’s video series devoted to teaching beginners the fundamentals of  forward riding. In this lesson she focuses on the rider’s position while offering insightful techniques from the teacher’s perspective on how to get the most out of a young or inexperienced equestrian. As a rider you’ll learn proper placement of the foot in the stirrup, how to hold the reins, basic seats, how to avoid clashing aids, tips on how to improve your seat and balance and other basics every equestrian should learn during their first riding lessons.

Running Time: 7 minutes and 37 seconds

Exercises To Increase Heel Depth
Bernie Traurig“Put your heels down…” this is one of the first things every rider is taught because it is so essential to proper position and effective riding. In this topic, Bernie focuses on ways to increase and maintain deep heels every day.

Running Time: 6 minutes and 32 seconds

Eye Exercise Tips
Bernie TraurigBernie demonstrates exercises you can incorporate into your flatwork everyday that will work your eye without overworking your horse!

Running Time: 6 minutes and 41 seconds

Farrier Tips With Blair Cooper
Blair CooperSpend some time with top Southern California farrier, Blair Cooper, as he demonstrates the proper techniques for dealing with sprung, loose or lost shoes. In this video you will learn what to do to keep your horse’s hooves in good shape until the farrier arrives.

Running Time: 9 minutes and 55 seconds

Figure Eight Exercise
Missy ClarkWith demonstrations by Grand Prix rider, Darragh Kenny, and Medal & Maclay winner, Hayley Barnhill, Missy introduces her figure eight exercise that helps to develop the rider’s eye and control, while improving the horse’s rideability and jump.

Running Time: 8 minutes and 1 second

Finding the Horse That Is Right for You
Denny EmersonDenny Emerson outlines a sensible strategy to evaluate the suitability between horse and rider. By analyzing the variables such as the rider’s level and goals along with the horse’s soundness, temperament and athleticism, Denny presents the formula for a good match.

Running Time: 23 minutes and 54 seconds