Headset Recommendation for Easy Communication Between Rider and Trainer

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  • 11 Jun, 2015
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Headset Recommendation for Easy Communication Between Rider and Trainer

Submitted by member: Kendra

What headset do you recommend for communication between trainer and rider?

Answer by Bernie

Kendra, I have been using the Comtek transmitter and receivers for years now with great results.  I have several receivers and use them in groups with up to 8 riders. I find their range adequate within the areas I teach, especially if you leave the wire from the transmitter to the mic outside your clothes as it is the antenna.

I especially love teaching this way for several reasons. The obvious one is you don’t have to shout to reach the riders, which greatly saves your voice. You can speak in a normal tone and I find your delivery comes across much nicer than having to reach someone at the end of the arena or in an outdoor setting with wind and having to raise your voice. In addition, your ability to be heard instantly and communicate your instructions to the riders is almost like being in the saddle yourself — a big plus!

I’ve used them at horse shows in the schooling area, where there is often “sensory overload” from so many trainers giving instructions, some louder than others, and in that situation they are invaluable. I’m so used to the benefits of using them that I wouldn’t consider even giving a private in an indoor without them. The Comtek units are a bit pricey and I understand there are other units available for less, however, I am not familiar with them. Mine go weekend after weekend without issues.

comtek equestrian trainer's headset



Here is a link to their headset specifically designed for Equestrians: Comtek ALS-216 Personal Trainer

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  1. I can only hear out of my right ear. It’s hard for me to hear my trainer when I’m on the other side of the ring . Would this be helpful to me? Does the ear piece fall off when ridding?

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