Zazou Hoffman

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  • 23 Apr, 2012
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California native Zazou Hoffman had an early start in her riding career, beginning riding when she was 3 years old and showing when she was 6. She grew up riding and training with a local Los Angeles trainer, Meredith Bullock who gave she credits for giving her a ‘fantastic foundation’. With Meredith’s help and a lot of support from her parents Zazou was able to get to more and more horse shows and start catch riding ponies for other trainers like Susie Schroer, Micaela Kennedy, Randy Durrand, and many more. She then applied for and won the Ronnie Mutch Working Student Scholarship, which allowed Zazou to go to Florida for two weeks to be a working student for top equitation trainer Missy Clark. Zazou had such a great experience with Missy Clark and John Brennan at North Run that she returned to ride with Missy that summer. After two years of traveling back and forth between California and the East coast to ride with Missy, she decided to start doing online school so that she could move back there full time. Zazou says she worked extremely hard at North Run, doing all of the working student chores like grooming, stall cleaning, riding and a little bit of “everything and anything”. All of Zazou’s hard work paid off when she won the ASPCA Maclay Finals and was second in the USEF Hunt Seat Medal in 2009.

She then took a short break from riding to finish up high school and to apply for college. She is currently, spring of 2012 a sophomore at UCLA. However she has been able to keep up her riding by working part time for Susie Schroer and Dick Carvin of Meadow Grove Farm. In the summer of 2011 Zazou got the opportunity to go to Europe with one of their clients to help ride and manage and remembers it as a “phenomenal experience”.

Equitation Competitive Highlights:
2009 WIHS Equitation Classic Finals, 8th
2009 Pessoa/USEF Hunt Seat Medal Final, 2nd
2009 ASPCA Maclay Region 1 Regionals, 1st
2009 Devon (Pa.): WHIS Equitation Classic, 1st
2008 ASPCA Maclay National Championship, 3rd
2008 Pessoa/USEF Medal Final, 7th
2006 Pessoa/USEF Medal Final, 5th
2006 ASPCA Maclay Region 1 Regionals, 1st
2005 Ronnie Mutch Scholarship Winner


Zazou’s Video Topics:

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Bernie & Zazou Hoffman reveal a valuable tip to stay tight in the tack.

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Building Blocks to a Great Position: Part 4 Jumping Phase with Zazou Hoffman

Bernie teams up with Maclay winner, Zazou Hoffman to illustrate his progressive system to develop a solid position for all jumping disciplines. This video outlines exercises that enhance proper techniques over fences, highlighting connection with your release over the jump.

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An Interview Featuring Her ASPCA Maclay National Championship Win

Get to know Maclay Champion, Zazou Hoffman, from her introduction to the sport, to her biggest influences. In this exciting video youʼll get Zazou’s own play by play of the key moments from her win at the 2009 ASPCA Maclay National Championships aboard “Ivy.”

Running Time: 14 minutes and 12 seconds.

get tight in the tack over a jump with maclay winner zazou hoffman
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Air Time – Getting Tight In The Tack Over Jumps With Zazou Hoffman

Maintaining a secure balance with your horse over the fence is crucial. In this video Bernie outlines a series of exercises designed to improve your balance & security in the tack – beautifully demonstrated by Maclay winner, Zazou Hoffman.

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