Olaf Petersen

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  • 22 Mar, 2012
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Olaf Peterson

Course Designer

Olaf Petersen is an acclaimed course designer from Germany, his credentials are unmatched by any other making him one of the most famous course designers in the world. He has designed the course or been a technical delegate at more Olympic, Pan-Am, Asian and World Equestrian Games, as well as World Cup Finals, European Championships, and Nations Cups than any other course designer in show jumping history. He was the Chairman of the both the FEI Jumping Committee and the FEI World Cup Working Group from 1997-2005. During the same years he was also a member of the FEI Nations Cup Committee and the FEI Bureau.

He course designed at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and the Athens Olympics in 2004. Until 2008 when Leopoldo Palacios co-designed the course in Beijing, Olaf was the only person to have designed the course for two Olympic games. Olaf was a technical delegate at the 2008 Beijing and 1996 Atlanta Olympics and was on the appeal committee for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He designed the course at the World Cup Finals in: 1985 Berlin, 1990 Dortmund, 1995 &1999 & 2001 Gothenburg and was the technical delegate 3 times at various venues. He designed the course at the 1990 Stockholm World Equestrian Games and acted as technical delegate and/or FEI representative at The Hague 1994, Rome 1998 and Jerez 2002. He designed the course for 7 European Championships and was the technical delegate for 2. He designed the courses at over 26 World Cup shows and 21 Nations Cups in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Holland Egypt, UAE, Argentina and Brazil to name a few.

Olaf Petersen also owns a jump design company, OHG, which has made jumps for many of the most prestigious competitions in the world including the Olympic games in Beijing, Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta and Sydney, as well as many World Cup Shows. His jumps are truly works of art often depicting beautiful scenes of cultural icons or landmarks of the city or country the competition is held in. Olaf’s son Olaf Petersen Jr. is also a course designer.

Visit his website: www.olaf-petersen.com

Olaf’s Video Topic:

10 week

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